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One of the greatest benefits of working with Three Pillars for your commercial structure design and planning needs is our ability to be adaptable. We give each project we undertake individual attention and work closely with our clients to give them the exact structure they are envisioning.

Our buildings are custom designed to fit the needs of whatever commercial entity will be housed in them, and owners can rest assured that the team who brought the Southeast some of its most notable structures is completing their project with the best technology and software around. Each client will be paired with one of our distinguished professionals to ensure that their needs are met in the most efficient and structurally sound way possible. This personal touch sets Three Pillars apart from the competition, giving our clients an advocate they can rely on throughout their project.

We also provide our clients with the option of seeing 3D drawings of the building plans before construction begins. These images are a great asset to those looking to build, as they provide something tangible the client can look to before any unchangeable steps are taken. 3D images and renderings are also a cut above standard blueprints. They allow clients to actually “walk through” their structure while it is still in the design phase, ironing out potential changes they would like made with a real-world view in mind.

The professionals at Three Pillars provide top to bottom design service undertaken with the client and end result in mind.

Benefits of 3D Rendering and Drawing

The creation of a 2D Rendering takes knowledge of geometry, usage of lines and varying shapes, and overall symmetry. Unliked 3D Rendering it does not require the use of math.

Once the transition is actually made, it is called rendering. Once these rendering files are made, they can have different lightnings, shadings, textures, and vantage points. These are then delivered in a digital image.

What is so special about Rendering is that it can be used across all industries. It just happens to be utilized the most in cinema, design visualizations, and architecture for your purpose.

The 2D rendering process speeds up project turnaround times with the added benefit of better communication between clients, investors, builders, and city officials. 2D Rendering is highly accurate and creates a picture of the aesthetically pleasing and practical building. Beautiful architectural illustrations are easier to sell to potential clients and investors. These designs’ flexible nature speaks to city and county officials looking for zoning and building regulation compliance.

Designs may be changed in real-time, meaning that you can make adjustments to elements while in a meeting with investors or clients. If they don’t like a specific bay of windows, or they want to open up more space in a courtyard, you don’t have to go “back to the drawing board.” This allows for a collaborative environment with open communication lines, inevitably leading to a higher chance of selling your design.

The ease of showing and changing 2D renderings means that architects have more creative freedom with their designs and more confidence in presentation. Because 2D renderings are accurate and comprehensive design tools, it significantly cuts down on building changes that are requested during and after construction. In addition, design flaws and restrictive building codes can be addressed and resolved beforehand, instead of while the project is underway. Of course, this dramatically affects budget: it cuts down on extra labor, reducing costs while keeping everyone on the same page from the beginning. This means avoiding expensive mistakes during the project.

Our team uses their expert knowledge to bring your visions to life professionally. Being well versed in the construction industry, we have seen it all, making us the best fit for you.

Technical Drawings And Rendering Involves

•Architecture shop drawings
•Interior fit out shop drawings
•3D interior and exterior render