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Construction Management

Construction Management is a professional service that applies effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion. We specifically created these techniques to deliver the successful execution of projects for owners to handle the workload that the
project demands. Three Pillars provides construction management services that is specifically tailored to safeguard the successful completion of the project. Our highly experienced personnel can effectively control and supervise every aspect of your construction work.
Three Pillars provide the following Construction Management services:
• Design supervision
• Independent third-party verification and certification
• Project management consultant for building, industrial and infrastructure facilities
• Program management consultant for infrastructure development plans
• Site supervision in accordance with technical and construction legal requirements
• Continuous supervision of construction works (quality, schedule and budget)
• Commissioning supervision on quality and schedule
• Facility management and maintenance supervision of infrastructure and building
• Testing materials, systems and installations
• Non-destructive testing supervision
• Delivered documentation supervision
• Technical and legal advice, and assessment consulting
• As-built documentation


Three Pillars provides professional architectural services for its customers, ranging from feasibility studies through concept and detail design, to construction documentation and construction supervision. Professionals at Noon Stride have decades of practical experience, and understand the nuances of local building regulations and codes. Our company integrates the architectural, structural and
building engineering disciplines. We strive to exceed the expectations of both our clients and end users of
the buildings we design. During design development, we take into consideration the inspiration and vision of
the client, tailor the concept to fit the constraints and possibilities of the site, with the intention to maximize the commercial and architectural potential of the site and development.
We can provide the following architectural services:
• Feasibility Studies.
• Concept Design.
• Schematic Design.
• Design Development, Detail Design.
• Construction Documentation / IFC.
• Construction Procurement, Tender Support.
• Construction Supervision services.
• Building Information Modelling (BIM Services).
• Architectural Visualization.

Interior Design

Working in tandem with our architectural professionals, our integrated team approach creates a lasting positive impact on the spaces we create. The human, and the human interaction is always in the focal point of our design. We recognize the importance of the built environment, and create exceptional spaces that contribute to the success of our clients.
We can provide the following Interior services:
• Large-scale hospitality projects
• Hotel lobbies
• Corporate headquarters
• Office fit-outs
• Tenant improvements and refurbishments
• Retail interiors
• Religious institutions
• Restaurants interiors
• Educational institutions (schools and universities)

Master planning and Urban Design

Our integrated Master planning, Town Planning and Landscape Architecture team combines a wealth of land promotion and development experience, it brings together a complementary skill set capable of maximizing development opportunities in relation to urban extension, new community schemes and regeneration areas.
We focus our attention on being an extension of our client’s team, ensuring that we understand objectives,
project deadlines, budget thresholds, client aspirations, vision and culture. This enables us to make a tangible difference and support a sustainable future. We are regularly asked to lead multi-disciplinary teams in the preparation of Feasibility and Options Studies, Masterplans, Development Plans and Design Briefs.

In parallel with these, we continue to manage the coordination of major planning applications, including Environmental Impact Assessments. Our structured master planning methodology, comprising Initial Site Analysis, Strategic Options and the development of a Preferred Masterplan, enables us to use a variety of graphic styles and approaches to present innovative ways of responding to site constraints and opportunities. We encourage engagement with stakeholders and statutory decision making bodies, ensuring that options are tested, solutions are appropriate to site circumstances and formal submissions are presented in a clear and visually engaging manner.


As a practice we do all our design and production information using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software, and we are committed to delivering all our projects using this process.
What is BIM?
BIM is a process, it is not a technology. It is a new way of designing, drawing and producing information for the design, construction and maintenance of buildings. It is about the flow of electronic information (data) between stages, processes, software’s and businesses for a construction project across it’s life from inception to its demolition. To do this, every party involved has to communicate efficiently in an open and trustful manner.
Interactive object based design
BIM means we now work with data related objects rather than traditional CAD which works in representative lines. So when we add a door, it is not a line on a plan, or a non relational rectangle on an elevation, but one object that is related to the plan, elevation and schedule. The intelligence behind BIM opens up the possibilities of how we design, collaborate, and deliver our architecture. approach and are all prepared to engage their detailed design work early. In fact we find the traditional model of work stages limiting, and find it appropriate to mix detail design with concept design from the very onset of the project.


Three Pillars is unique in its ability to provide comprehensive solutions for creating a digital business platform. We offer more than a dozen solutions connectivity and integration based on specific industry best practice models and analytics packages, and we can help your organization build on and make the most of your existing investments .
Our solution enables your organization to stay flexible and agile by building a digital business platform on top of your foundational solution, evolving business processes so that they become more fully realized and functional.
This involves:
•Facilitating business and IT transformation
•Expanding process integration
•Building more agile processes
•Creating more intelligent business operations