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The concept and importance of design management “Design management is to define design issues, to find the right designer, and to make the designer solve the budget problem in a timely manner within the established budget”. Nowadays, with the development of society, people are increasingly pursuing the value of the brand due to the excellent creative design is emerging one after another and good design brands are dazzling. Establishing a good
brand image has become the consensus of many companies, and the establishment of a good brand image requires excellent design. Design is a process of integration of designer thinking innovation and behavior creation. Designers will collide with many links in the design process. One link is that the
designers communicate effectively with various departments e.g., mass market, brand marketing and management. The division of labor and cooperation with each other can effectively accomplish the design goals and reflect their value.

Design management is a systematic process. It is not just about “design plus management”. It is about how to integrate and coordinate a series of design activities and strategies that manage them, though communicate effectively to achieve goal consensus in final. If there is design, there will be management. In the work, designers and managers sometimes have differences, which are attributed to the great differences in the way they think about problems and the scope of their work. In general, the designer is the creative creator, and his work focus is sometimes biased towards emotional design creativity. He is the executor of research and decision making in creative performance and construction solutions. However, managers usually have a strong analytical ability. He is a project organization, deployment, and coordinator. Their rational analytical skills make them pay more attention to work steps, efficiency, comprehensive system planning, and so on. Therefore, design management plays a decisive role in the design project.

Design Management/Value Managements Involves

•Design Stages
•Local Authorities
•Design Coordination
•Procurement Strategies
•Value Engineering
•QA/QC Procedures